Cyber Security Gateway

  • ISO/SAE 21434 & UNECE R155/R156
  • Compatible Supporting all OBD II connections as encrypted
  • Encrypted user authentication with PC application software
  • HSE-B Crypto security engine
  • UDS Secure Bootloader-Secure Flashing Secure JTA
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Cyber Security Gateway is a device that protects vehicles from cyber attacks. it complies with the IS0/SAE 21434 and UN ECE Rl55/Rl56 regulations. The increasing number of communication protocols and electronic components in vehicles increases the risk of cyber attacks. The main function
of this product is to ensure the safety of the driver and the vehicle by acting as a wall against the access and cyber attacks
of unauthorized persons through the gateway to the outside world.
The Security Gateway protects your information by securing data communication in vehicles. This way, it ta kes precautions against security threats such as unauthorized access, data theft, and manipulation of vehicle systems.
Such security measures reflect the increasing importance of cyber security in vehicles. Automobile manufacturers are developing various methods and devices to ensure the security of electronic systems used in vehicles. The Cyber Security Gateway is a product that aims to protect the safety and data privacy of drivers and passengers.

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