Environmental policy

ORTEM, which provides research, experimental development and production services related to engineering and technology;

To provide full Customer Satisfaction by adopting the principles of Product Safety, Health and Environmental sensitivity, with the awareness of owning our product until it is consumed, with the full support of the management and the participation of all its employees,

While producing their products;

  • To protect natural resources,
  • To follow and comply with all environmental, health, labor legislation, statutes and laws,
  • To make all process changes to reduce waste at its source by using clean production technologies to reduce pollution and waste,
  • To research and review the environmental effects of new processes, products or studies before they are made,
  • To make improvements regarding the occupational health and safety of its employees by making risk analysis,

To implement the relevant standards in our Total Quality System, which aims to meet customer expectations and to make employees happy,

To keep the ISGC System up-to-date in order to continuously improve the efficiency of the system by measuring it and to ensure its compliance with the conditions,

While making continuous improvement, especially in order to prevent injuries and occupational diseases, to make necessary arrangements by taking the suggestions of the employees, to carry out health examinations of the employees within the limits of legal requirements,

By determining the training needs of the employees, informing the employees and related parties about the practices that must be followed, especially regarding ISGC,

To encourage auxiliary industries and suppliers to be responsible organizations for ISGC practices,

To provide the necessary personal protection equipment, to create usage and maintenance instructions,

By applying the developing product and production technology, is committed to continuous development with its employees supported by continuous training.