Information Security Policy

Ortem Electronics;

Fulfills the requirements of ISO\IEC 27001, Information Security Management System applies to all information assets within our organization. All employees, suppliers and contractors are responsible for operating in accordance with the procedures attached to this policy. Based on this purpose, Ortem Electronics has determined our priorities and targets below for the purpose of protecting information assets against internal and external, intentional or unintentional threats;

  • Identifying information assets, business processes and ensuring the systematic management of risk assessments for them as well as enabling continuous improvement,
  • To comply with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security,
  • To implement emergency plans in emergency situations,
  • When there is an information security breach, to ensure information security immediately by taking actions to detect, report and record the said breach,
  • To provide Information Security training to all employees.


The main elements of our policy;

Integrity: Protecting information from unauthorized changes and ensuring that it is noticed when it is changed,

Accessibility: To ensure that the information is accessible by authorized users whenever needed,

Confidentiality: Ensuring that information is accessible only to authorized persons.

As the board of directors we are committed to review, announce and distribute this policy and all documents in relation it to our employees once a year in order to ensure; the developmentation and documentation of the Information Management System, to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and to create complete customer satisfaction, that the practices to be made for the legal and applicable conditions of the relevant parties are defined end-to-end in all processes.