Message from the Board of Directors

Our company, which was established in Teknopark in 1998, has achieved a success in the automotive electronics and telemetry technologies with its R&D studies since its establishment.

In the 25 years since our establishment, we have transformed the products we have developed into production, making them conform to all standards in the sector and maintaining our leadership position. The basis of this success is our belief in the development of our employees, our priority to protect the rights of our customers, the support we give to the development of our suppliers, the meticulous use of energy resources and our ability to quickly adapt to technology.

We put great value and focus into the development of our employees. Because we know that the knowledge and skills of our employees form the basis of our company’s strength. We strive to support our employees’ continuous self-development, to offer them more opportunities and to reveal their talents. In this way, we believe that we will achieve our goal of being able to compete with global companies that have the same values as us in the changing world conditions.

Protecting the rights of our customers is one of the most fundamental principles of our company. We take the utmost care to provide quality products to our customers, to meet their demands on time and to fulfill our responsibilities completely. We will continue our efforts to provide you with the best experience by constantly improving our customer satisfaction-oriented work.

Giving importance to the development of our suppliers is critical for the sustainability of our cooperation and our mutual success. We actively strive to continue working with suppliers that comply with high quality standards and to strengthen our cooperation. The sustainability and effectiveness of our supply chain are directly related to the value we place on the development of our business partners.

We aim to contribute to the country’s economy with our experienced team, which applies the developing product and production technology, attaches importance to product safety, develops with innovative constructs, and takes place in the management levels in accordance with respect for human beings, moral values, high quality, responsibility, business and competition conditions in all fields. We strive to achieve an equivalent position with global companies doing similar work around the world in 2038.

We will maintain our commitment to technology in the future, aware of the responsibility that participatory management puts on us, keeping our commitment to diligently complying with the rules of our working order and offering the best products to our customers.

Let’s not forget that every step we achieve together will contribute to the success of our company and society.