ORTEM Elektronik, as a company that offers pioneering and innovative solutions in Automotive Electronics and Telemetry technologies with its 25 years of knowledge, continues its leadership in the sector with its R&D activities.

Our R&D department, as the R&D Center in 2017, has become a central player shaping the control units of the automobiles of the future. In the near future, a large portion of the costs of your vehicles will be software and electronic parts. ORTEM Elektronik accelerates the development of our country in this field with the qualified and high-tech products it develops in the automotive industry.


ORTEM R&D department is managed by a multidisciplinary team of experts with experience in engineering, software development, electronics and the automotive industry. A wide range of talent, from mechanical engineers to software developers, come together to ensure the success of our projects.


Our R&D department is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software tools. By adopting pioneering technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT) and in-vehicle communication technologies, it works to make automotive control units safer, more efficient and smarter. ORTEM Elektronik follows international standards in its development processes. A-SPICE has completed its accreditations in ISO 26262, VDA 6.2 processes. Our R&D team uses V-Model project management systematics in projects and follows up the processes completely.


We constantly innovate to improve the performance and safety of automobiles by providing customized solutions for customer needs. In addition to application software, we also develop leading solutions in areas such as functional security and cyber security.


We bring together expertise in a wide ecosystem by collaborating closely with all domestic main industrial manufacturers and other players in the sector. By collaborating with universities, research institutes and automotive manufacturers, we follow the latest developments in the sector and support our projects with this information.


As ORTEM, we take into consideration not only the needs of today but also the needs of tomorrow. We aim to provide environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions by placing sustainability principles at the center of our R&D studies.


We apply comprehensive testing and validation processes to design and manufacture the control units we develop in accordance with the highest level of safety and quality standards. Our products pass important certifications such as automotive standard Type Approval, ECE R10 compliance, ISO 16750 automotive durability tests, EMC/EMI tests and CE certification. We are competent in MIL STD 810/1275/461 product development processes in military standards. This process ensures that our products perform reliably in real-world conditions.

ORTEM R&D department continues to work with an approach that shapes the future and pushes the boundaries in the automotive industry. We strive devotedly to provide our customers with a better driving experience, increase safety and reduce environmental impacts.