Human Resources


When can I apply for a Long Term Internship?

The pre-evaluation process is organized for one day at the universities with which we have a protocol. You can request a protocol agreement from your Student Affairs Department and be our teammate in R&D, Production and Support Service teams.

At what time of the year can I do a Long Term Internship?

Senior year students (4th grade) of the universities with which we have a protocol spend one term at ORTEM between September-December / February-May.

Which departments do we recruit from?

The preferred sections for technical roles are as follows; related fields such as Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Computer, Industrial, Mechatronics Engineering.

Preferred experiences for our other roles; Marketing and Sales, Human Resources.

The internship evaluation process continues throughout the intern’s time at ORTEM. During the internship process, their roles such as the application of the given tasks, perspective and communication are observed. Interns who have made a difference in their respective fields are evaluated in order to be placed in suitable positions during the recruitment process.


When can I apply for a Short Term Internship?

University students who want to do an internship during the summer semester can apply on the website between February 1st and March 31st every year. After the applications are evaluated by the Intern Human Resources Department, the candidates will be contacted with an answer.

At what time of the year can I do a Short Term Internship?

Summer internship opportunities are provided for junior year (3rd year) and  senior year (4th year) students who are within the scope of compulsory internship at universities between June-July/August-September.

You can apply for a job or internship at the website below.