Rocker Switch

  • Four different LED indicators
  • Long-lasting switch 200,000+ cycles
  • Easy address assignment with external address pins
  • Emissions to CISPR 25 Class 4
  • J1939 CAN 2.0b messaging
  • LIN 2.0/SAE J2602 communication between expansion modules
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The Rocker Switch is a smart button group designed to meet your switch and indicator needs. Buttons can be assigned different functions with pre-printed customizable symbols.

Additionally, the LED illuminations on the buttons, available in four different colors, can have the brightness, continuous and intermittent illuminations to be adjusted via the software. This allows sending of the information about the device’s operating mode (normal mode, addressing mode, error mode) through the lighting function, and thus displaying error conditions to the user.

The button functions can be set based on their mechanical features as permanent, momentary, one-way, two-way or blind buttons.

The button configuration can be established in a master-slave structure, with up to seven slave button groups added to one master button group. The master button group connects to the vehicle network via the CAN communication bus, while the slave button groups connect to the master button group through the LIN communication bus.

The configuration of master-slave unit addresses can be accomplished through software and, during servicing or replacement, the slave button groups automatically receive their addresses via the Hot-Swap feature.

Rocker Switch – Product Brochure