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With the participation of 27 companies operating in the defense, aviation and aerospace industries, the number of members for SAHA Istanbul rose up to reached 342.

Defense, Aviation and Space Cluster Association (SAHA Istanbul), operating with the aim to support Turkey’s dash in the defense and aerospace industry. SAHA has become the biggest cluster in the country and has been enhanced with new participants

SAHA Istanbul, was established with the aim of utilizing and increasing the potential of industrialists, shipyards, universities and technoparks along the North Marmara line where the defense, aerospace and space industries are located in.

SAHA Istanbul has become the largest industrial cluster of Turkey as it brings companies such as: Aselsan, THY Teknik, Kale Kalıp, Baykar, BMC, STM, Kordsa, Petlas, Ermaksan, Durmazlar, TÜMOS to lead their fields of operation and work together around the same goal

In 2019, SAHA Istanbul gained membership of 27 new companies. Turkey's leading aerospace company Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayii (TUSAŞ) joined the cluster with TRTest. TRTest was established to strengthen the infrastructure in the country by efficient testing and evaluation.  

With the new members, the number of members of SAHA Istanbul has increased to 342, 11 of which are universities.

Other companies which have contributed to the collaboration of nationalization within Turkey’s defense and aerospace industry have been: Mahrek Teknoloji, Ortem Elektronik, Günili Yazılım, Berkin Savunma, Desi Alarm, İstanbul Silah, Bozok Savunma, Floran Kimya, Kontal Elektronik, Mir İzolasyon, BİAS Mühendislik, Vis Videsan, Gürdesan Gemi Makina, CDT Bilgi Teknolojileri, Gökçeler Makina, Özer Elektronik, Matil Malzeme, Erdem Cam, Karakamlar Havacılık, Erin Motor, Hisar Kalıp, Kastaş Sızdırmazlık, Uzmar Gemi İnşaat, Dener Makina and Mobit Bilişim.


With the support and coordination of SAHA Istanbul, a series of important projects have been brought to life.

For the training aircraft Hürkuş, a consortium was established from cluster members for the air conditioning and cabin pressure systems. This consortium is transforming into a company that includes TUSAS.

A consortium consisting of: ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, Ermaksan, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM and Gebze Technical University was created for the laser weapon systems. This consortium applied to the TÜBİTAK Industrial Innovation Network Mechanism Program.

A consortium was established between: Ermaksan and ALUTIM to produce 3D printer powder. They also succeeded to produce Spindle layered titanium printers.

The Aerogel is a high-tech, non-flammable product that holds importance in the defense and aviation industry. Turkey has become one of the four countries in the world to produce this product.

With open source codes, local software development is moving towards national needs.

The Ministry of National Education has been working in coordination with the occupational and technical training industry to accomplish complete integration.


SAHA Istanbul board chairman Haluk Bayraktar, stated to an AA reporter that; SAHA Istanbul which has been founded by 27 companies has undertaken important responsibilities in the national technology move within Turkey. He continued to explain that, in the due-course they have contributed to the defense and aerospace industry by clustering and the mediation of its members.  

Bayraktar, has stated that they have worked hard for exports while meeting the requirements of Turkey. He expressed that they have received their return on investment with the interest shown to the clustering.  

By emphasizing that SAHA Istanbul has become the largest industrial clustering in Turkey within a short period of time, he stated that they opened their doors to 27 new members along with the new year; including companies pioneering in their field.

Bayraktar, who emphasized that new members, would provide different collaboration opportunities within the clustering said; “We have signed various deals that we are proud of within the structure of the cluster. We aim to increase the number of new members, which will increase the localization rate in the defense, aerospace industry and bring new national systems to our country".

News source: Hürriyet Newspaper

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